The Prime Sight Fund is a facility set up by Prime Bank Eye Hospital (PBEH) for people who do not have the capacity to finance their own eye treatment or do not have access to eye health facilities. The Fund encourages financially-capable individuals and organizations to pay their blessings forward by giving the gift of sight to the poor.

Donations to this Fund are used in the treatment of eye problems commonly affecting the underprivileged namely cataract, watery eyes and pterygium. It is also used towards eye health campaigns conducted by Prime Bank Eye Hospital all over the country.

Some Facts:

    • There are 750,000 blind people in Bangladesh.
    • The number of blind children has reached 40,000 and 12,000 are cataract cases.
    • There are 130,000 new cases each year and only 200,000 operations are performed annually.
    • Cataract is the main cause of blindness.
    • Around 300,000 cataract operations are required each year but only 140,000 are performed.

Source: National Eye Care Plan

There are huge unmet needs of eye care services including sight restoration surgeries of those who need the services but cannot afford to pay which cannot be met by Prime Bank Eye Hospital alone or any other single organization

Prime Bank Foundation/ Prime Bank Eye Hospital in conformity to its core principles of serving both rich and poor will provide opportunity for others to put their resources to expand the safety net for those who cannot afford but need eye care services.

This initiative is also in line with the goals of Vision 2020 of World Health Organization and National Eye Care Plan of Government of Bangladesh for elimination of preventable/avoidable blindness in the country by 2020.