Mission, Vision and Core Values:


To deliver high quality holistic eye care services to a wide range of target population with maximum safety and minimal discomfort at an affordable cost.


To create Prime Bank Eye Hospital as a Centre of Excellence for eye care in Bangladesh and beyond.

Core Values:

Prime Bank Eye Hospital believes in the following Core Values:

  1. We are committed to do our part in eradicating curable eye diseases in Bangladesh and involving ourselves in the community to reach the disadvantaged in collaboration with other organizations.
  2. Everyone has the right to quality eye care irrespective of social, religious and economic status.
  3. We work in an efficient manner to give quality service to our patients.
  4. We strive towards continuous improvement in our work.
  5. We are courteous to our colleagues and to our patients.
  6. We practice honesty and integrity in our daily transactions, in our relationships with colleagues and in dealing with partner organizations.
  7. We are accountable to our patients and to the organization we work in.