• Cataract
  • Cornea and External Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Oculuplasty
  • Retina

OPD Investigations

ECG Dressing
S.P.T Biometry
Pachemetry VFA
YAG LASER Capsulotomy FFA


2 hrs. after PPBS 2 hrs ABF
R.B.S Blood Sugar 2 Hrs ABF
FBS B. Urea
B.P Blood Sugar & Rh Factor
BT, CT Conjunctive Swab C/S
Corneal Scrapping for KOH ESR


SICS+IOL – Indian Hard Lens (Per Unit) SICS+IOL – Rayner Solid Lens (Per Unit)
SICS+IOL – AMO Dura Solid Lens (Per Unit) SICS+IOL – Alcon Solid Lens (Per Unit)
Phaco – Indian Hard Lens (Per Unit) Phaco – Solid Lens Rayner
Phaco – Foldable Lens Indian Phaco – Solid Lens AMO Dura
Phaco – Solid Lens Alcon Phaco + Indian Aspheric Lens
Foldable Lens Rayner Foldable Lens AMO Sencer
Foldable Lens Alcon Foldable Lens Zeiss
Foldable Lens (Aspheric AMO) Foldable Lens (Aspheric Alcon)
Foldable Lens (Aspheric Rayner) Foldable Lens (Aspheric Zeiss)
IQ Alcon Phaco Toric Lens – Alcon
Phaco Toric Lens – Rayner Phaco Multifocal Lens Rayner
Phaco Multifocal Lens Alcon

Other Surgeries

Trabeculectomy Combined (Trab+ECCE Indian Lens)
Combined(Trab + SICS/ Phaco) DCR
DCR + intubation Fistulectomy + DCR
Pterygium (Grafting) Pterygium (MMC + Graft)
Pterygium excision (Simple) Probing + EUA (Per Eye)
Chalazion Abscess Drainage
DCT Biopsy
Squint Correction Correction of Ptosis under G/A
Tarsorraphy/Conj. Hooding Enucleation/Evisceration
Scleral Fixation With Ant Vitrectomy Corneal F.B (O.T)
Corneal F.B (Minor O.T) LID Repair
Block Dissection Lid Reconstruction /Entropion/Ectropion/Excision Biopsy Conjunctiva & Other